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Welcome to my site, “RVing For Beginner’s.”  I am here to help give the 1st time RV Camper owner some insight into what it takes to own and truly enjoy having a travel trailer/5th wheel.  Having the camper up & ready for the last minute beautiful weekend to planning that month long trip without the last minute worries. That is what owning a camper is all about right?

RVGirl’s Story

Having worked in the service department of one of the largest single owned camper dealerships in the United States, I have seen my fair share of misunderstandings as to how important maintenance is along with an emergency on the road & even at a camp site.

We buy campers to Enjoy them. We buy campers because we love the time away from everyday stress. We buy campers to see the incredibly beautiful United States, and for some – even Canada & Mexico. Even the most fanatic football fans buy campers to Tail gate the games!!


Owning a camper is fun! If not, than why would we buy them? They can give us the freedom to just “pick up & go”. It can be an extremely affordable way to travel & just get away.

Being a service advisor, I have had to give some really bad news. More often that not, it has to do with the new owner did not understand the importance of keeping up with the maintenance. Sometimes, it was something that broke while traveling across country & they felt they had no where to turn or get help. I want to help 1st time camper owners to the basics, the checklists, where to get supplies needed to operate, & even the really cool accessories out there for the die hard campers.

Being a camper owner is meant to be:  FUN!  ADVENTUREOUS! MEMORABLE!

RVGirl’s Goal in this Website:

I am here to help the new owner and even the one’s just looking to see what it is all about when owning that first RV.

I am not a technician. I am here to help in the understanding of the upkeep of the camper and keeping it on the road.

This website will be providing suggestions on maintenance, check lists, supplies, accessories, & even state parks–something for the entire family.

If there are any questions or suggestions – please feel free to leave a comment below or email me at awesomewebsites2018@gmail.com

Let’s get ready to hit the open roads!




Happy Camping!

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