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Who likes to eat BBQ right off the grill?  If you do, than this review could be just what you are looking for.    

Does your RV travel trailer have a large enough kitchen?  Probably not.  Especially if you are the type that loves cooking and of course eating!

I have seen some really beautiful kitchens in travel trailers, especailly in a 5th wheel.  I have yet to see one that is truly big enough to do some serious cooking in.   Besides, who would really want to:  the mess, no room, the left over smell from what ever was cooked, especially something fried or onions will leave an odor in travel trailer that seems to never quite go away.  I say, it’s time to get the BBQ pit ready and do some serious cooking outdoors, especially when the weather is beautiful.

A place to cook outside is always a perfect option for the outdoor lover.  From the popular BBq chicken and ribs to a great big hamburger or even frying up some fresh fish,  an outdoor camping stove is a must.

I have seen quite a few BBq pits at campsites.  Sometimes the campground has one set up and secured into the ground for use.   Not sure about you, but if I have to use a “public” BBQ grill, than I will go through an entire bag of burning charcoal just to clean it.  I know, probably a little bit of an overkill, but it’s me.

I have seen a lot of “personal”  BBq grills.   Some are super fantastic looking, but, usually not real practical to lug around in your small storage compartment of the travel trailer.   I have even  seen full size  household BBq grills being lugged in the bed of the truck pulling the RV.   I know some people love that, but again, it is just not me.

I like quick set up and of course easy to clean.  The grill needs to be small enough to store conviently and of course easy to carry if needed, and large enough to start cooking for the unexpected camping army that may show up.

I believe I found the perfect outdoor camping stove:

The Black Low Pressure Grill from  Camping World .   Not only is it small enough to store, it is large enough to get a lot of  cooking started at one time.    If your RV travel trailer is equipped,  it can be mounted onto your travel trailer.   (If a bracket is not installed on the travel trailer, one can be purchased seperately.)   I really love that this grill can also be used on a table top, outside only of course.

I believe the pictures of the outdoor camping stove says it all to get us excited and looking forward to our next BBQ and camping trip. Check out the listed features & specs below the pictures.

Outdoor Camping Stove

Price: $149.99

5 Star Rating

Purchase Here FromCamping World 




  • Stainless Steel
  • Porcelin Enamel Cooking Grid
  • 305 Sq  In Cooking Area
  • Attaches To The LP Supply   (a LP Quick Disconnect System can be purchased if needed)
  • Can Also Be Used As A Table Top Grill
  • 10K BTU’s Of Cooking Power
  • Built In Temperature Gause – who doesn’t love that feature? 
  • Piezo Ignition
  • Heavy Duty Carry Bag
  • Hanger Bracket also Included For Mounting on RV SidewalL (may require Grill Mounting Rail if the camper did not come with one already installed)


  • 10,000 BTU Single Cooking SurfaceOutdoor Camping Stove
  • 305 Sq In Cooking Area
  • 26.4 Lb Unit Weight
  • MFG by:  Patrick Industries


  • Locking Lid
  • Built In Thermomiiter
  • Usable With Griddle
  • Mountable Travel Trailer
  • Portable


I looked for a good while for “con’s” to owning this portable grill for your travel trialer, and the great news is:  I didn’t find many.

  • Needs Special Connection To Hook Toa 20 # Propane Tank
  • Not as Large as a Full Size BBq grill

All in all, it appears to be a great buy for a multipurpose outdoor camping stove.   And one of the best parts, if purchased here, it can be shipped directly to you.

I hope you enjoyed this review on the outdoor camping stove.  If you have any additonal pro’s or con’s on it please feel free to let me know.  I can be reached by email: awesomewebsites2018@gmail.com or leave comments below.

As always, I appreciate you stopping by for a visit and hope you come back soon.

Happy Camping,


Happy Camping!

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