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Travel Trailer is Purchased!

The excitement, the dream of being able to travel has finally become reality to us. What an incredible and exciting time it is. Our new trailer and truck are loaded with all of the family camping necessities. Our dream of being able to travel near and far has become real to us and our family. It is our dream, it is our freedom. We have the opportunity to travel the incredible United States, even Canada and Mexico if we chose. The excitement is only just the beginning!

What kind of traveling is in the future? Where would you like to go? The open road is up to the traveler as to which roads to take. We are our own limitations. Where are we going? Who is going with us, our children, maybe our parents? Are we taking extended family and friends? What about our other children, our dogs, cats, and maybe even the guinea pig.

The family camping necessities will depend on what we are going to be doing while traveling, and who is with us. Are we traveling only to see the country side, stopping along the way to eat at all the local favorite restaurants, or BBQ at the camp site? Are we headed to Montana to do some really awesome fly fishing or down to Louisiana to do some really great crabbing and red fishing? Are we going hiking in the mountains, or white water rafting in Colorado? What about all the state parks! Every state here in the US has so much to offer each of us. Everywhere has so much to offer, you may not need to go far at all to have the experiences of a life time in your new travel trailer.

In the articles below, I will be covering my thoughts as to what you may or may not want to take along. See my checklist on the basic family camping necessities just to get us started for the first trip. I will be offering advice on how and what to pack in the travel trailer. Checklist and idea’s for traveling with the children along with the elderly.

If you would like me to write on something specific please email me at awesomewebsites2018@gmail.com or leave a comment below and I will be happy to get the information together for you!
As always, thank you again for visiting my site. I hope you have it enjoyed it so far. Check back in often, as I will be adding to it frequently.

Happy Camping!

Happy Camping!