RV Traveling Necessities Checklist

Using a travel trailer to go “camping” is a very different than primative camping with a tent.  With a travel trailer or 5th wheel there is so much more room to bring those everyday conviences with us, including electric knives/can openers and even beauty/hygenie items like a hair-dryer for our hair and an electric razor.  I came up with this list after speaking to a friend of mine,  if they use it reguarly in the house, than they have a duplicate one that stays in the travel trailer.  This is a great idea, especially for those travelers who like to get up and go at the last minute.

Here I am going to cover only the main every day rv traveling necessities to keep inside the travel trailer or 5th wheel.  Do please keep in mind, cabinets inside travel trailers and 5th wheels are NOT meant for anything heavy.   What ever is in the cabinets or drawer can shift while traveling and cause damage inside the camper. My recommendation is if you like to carry really heavy pots or pans, keep them in the outside storage unit.  Make sure they are clean and dry before storing them, as we do not want to attract ants, mice, or any other little critter.   I also do not necessarily recommend storaging glass in any of the top cabinets.  Unfortunetly, I have seen glasses and even heavy plates and bowls stored in these top cabinets, have fallen out, damaged cabinets and the flooring, along with breaking the dishes.    If you are like me, that does not like using paper plates for most food, than plastic disposal plates are available.  The plastic plates come in all kinds of pretty patterns and look like real dinner ware.   If you want to wash and keep, you can, I do.

Camper Necessities:

Bedroom/Bunkroom/Tri-fold Sofa’s

o   Sheets

o   Blankets

o  Pillows




o   Soap

o   Shampoo/conditioner

o   Comb/brush

o   Hair dryer/curling iron

o   Toothbrushes/toothpaste/dental floss

o   Towels

o   Razor(s)

o   Facial cleaner

o   Beauty hygiene products

o   Toilet Paper *

*Remember, only use RV toilet paper, it can be purchased by clicking here. 



                              Living Area

o   DVD’s

o  CD’s

o   Games

o   Cards

o   Books/magazines




o   Spices

o   Pots

o   Pans

o   Cooking utensils

o   Plates

o   Bowls

o   Eating utensils

o   Paper towels

o   Dish towels

o  Napkins

o   Mixing bowls

o   Can opener

o   Bottle opener

o   Cork screw

o   Cups/mugs

o   Pot holders

o   Cutting boards

o   Knives

o   Dish drying rack

o   Garbage can/bags

o   Food storage containers

o     Dish soap

o   Scrub Pads




o   All prescription medicines

o   Headache reliever

o   Fever reducer

o   Indigestion remedy

o   First Aid Kit

o    Bug Spray

o   Sun Screen



Important Papers

o   Registration on travel trailer

o   License plate (not everyone keeps it on the camper)

o   Insurance papers

o   Warranty papers

o   Reservation information

o Campground phone numbers

o   Map/atlas (not all places show accurately on a gps)

o   Medical insurance information


Of course, everything listed above  is in general terms.   Depending on what kind of traveling, camping
trips your family enjoys the most,  will determine the items that are needed.  The good thing here, is most of these items can permanently stay in travel trailer when not in use.  As I get more information added to my site, I plan on more detailed itemized lists for cooking, traveling with dogs/cats, traveling with kids, cooking outdoors and even some receipes!   Check back ofter for updates.

Thank you again for visiting my site, I hope you enjoyed it.  Please feel free to email me at awesomewebsites2018@gmail.com or leave a comment below.


Happy Camping!

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