Summer Time Is Quickly Approaching. Is Your RV Ready?

Is Your RV Ready?

The end of year holidays of 2018 are long gone and here we are in the beginning of March.  I know for me, the first 2 months of 2019 have flown by and spring will be here before we know it.  Is your RV ready for the first highly anticipated trip of the year?

This has been an extremely difficult winter for so many in the upper middle east and northeast of the United States.  The Winter of 2018 has been brutal and dangerous. We can only hope that the groundhog on February 2nd this year was  correct and spring will be here before we know it.

I am so happy to say, due to the extreme cold weather up north, I have met some wonderful people who have come down here in their travel trailer’s to try to escape the cold.  I can only hope that people up north feel the same about us southerners in the summer when we go up there to escape the extreme heat.

Traveling has definitely become a year round adventure for so many people. For some, our time is still limited on the road,  by either our work schedules or our children’s school schedule.  The last thing we want is something to happen unexpectedly during our much awaited trip.   Although, we cannot prevent everything in regards to emergencies, there are plenty of steps we can take to help in the prevention of unexpected issue’s.  Let face it, who wants an emergency on the road that is going to ruin our trip – no one.  Don’t worry, there are a few and easy things we can do to help prevent many unexpected emergencies.   Take a look at this quick check list to help get your travel trailer ready for the summer trips: 

Check Out This Quick List On The Travel Trailer

  • If the RV was winterized and the last freeze has occurred in your area, de-winterize it.
  • Get that city water hooked up – check for any plumbing water leaks. ((if your RV was winterized, checking for water leaks can be done when flushing the water system))
  • Get on the roof ((or have someone, like the dealership)) check the integrity of all the sealant, the plumbing vents, antenna, & the skylight(s). And don’t forget to check that a/c.
  • Check all of  the sealant and gaskets around the entire RV. If anything looks iffy, seal it. Better to seal it now then to get an unexpected leak when camping during a rain storm.
  • Turn on the AC  ((clean that filter))and maybe even check the furnace. Depending on where you will be going, sometimes the a/c is needed during the day and the furnace may be needed at night.
  • Turn the refrigerator on. Some can take up to 24 hours to get cold. We definitely want to make sure this is working correctly before we leave. If the refrigerator runs on both LP and Shore Power (electricity) then I would check on both if possible.
  • Check the water heater on LP and Electric if equipped to run on both.
  • If using the fresh water tank, get water in it, and make sure the water pump works as well. 
  • If planning on using stove, oven, or even a grill that is hooked to the LP lines of the travel trailer, check those too.
  • Check the battery, if it is a “wet” battery, then make sure all cells are full of water
  • Tires! Get the tires checked, if needed bring it to whom ever you trust that does the tires for your personal vehicle. Remember, check the spare. 

Depending on the type/size of RV you have will determine what other ammenities you may want to check to make sure they are working correctly.    

Getting all of this checked at least a couple of weeks  before your trip, should give you plenty of time to get it repaired if need be.  And even if you decided not to have repaired for the next trip, at least you know the family will be without it. 

After checking out the travel trailer completely, and time permits, now could be a great time to clean and condition the roof.  Look into purchasing a good roof cleaner and conditioner . Of course, make sure the directions are followed.

And who doesn’t want to have their travel trailer washed and waxed for their trips.  Everyone loves a beautiful well taken care of RV. 

Last, but definitely not least, get the truck checked and serviced too: tires, oil change, windshield wipers, coolant/antifreeze.  Check your maintenance schedule to see what is due and/or bring to the mechanic whom you trust to look it over.   Having your RV ready & working in top notch shape does not do us much good if the vehicle we are towing it with, is not in shape to travel safely. 

It has been a really long hard winter for the majority of the United States, and I believe most of us are ready for warm sunny days to enjoy.    And a camping trip sounds perfect to relax on the beach, BBQ,  spend much needed time with the family and do what ever the family enjoys.   A campfire at night under the stars is pretty great too. 

Hope this quick reminder list helps before loading up the family for the next trip. As always,  if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment below or email me at:

Thank you again for visiting my site and,

Happy Camping!


Happy Camping!

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